Product Design

Unit Ten Engineering has a fledgling Product Design and Manufacture unit. It’s main focus is the design and development of our own products, however we aim to open it to our clients mid 2014.

We have full 2D and 3D CAD capability and are looking to augment this with basic CAE in the near future (3D Printing, Milling and Lathe Turning), with a particular emphasis on the processing of thin plastic parts.

We have PCB Design and Manufacturing capabilities to dual layer PCBs.

Through the Product Design Unit, Unit Ten Engineering also intends to offer it’s clients a Product Safety Management Service


  • CE Marking
  • Preparation of Technical Files for CE Type Certificate
  • Ongoing monitoring of service failures.
  • Advice on Duty of Care
  • Advice on Reaction to Failures
  • Modification / Product Revision Justification
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